tribal collection

This collection features medallions, long wraps and tribal style necklaces.  The medallion necklaces are a shorter  style.  The long wrap necklaces measures approximately 64 inches and can be worn alone, or as a great layering piece.  The tribal bead necklaces are handmade in Africa. 

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Childhood Cancer Research.

tribal collection
49 results
Clear Glass Beads - 18”
Long Wrap Necklace - blue
Short Bone Bead Necklace - 18”
Long Wrap Necklace - Orange
Green Glass Beads - 22”
Medallion Necklace
Medallion Necklace
Sea Green Glass Beads - 18”
Cobalt Glass Beads - 18”
Sea Foam Smooth Glass Beads - 18”
Red-Orange Smooth Glass Beads - 18”
Cobalt Blue Smooth Glass Beads - 18”
Turquoise Smooth Glass Beads - 18”
Yellow Smooth Glass Beads - 18”
Medallion Necklace
Long Wrap Necklace - lavender
Long Wrap Necklace - gray
Long Wrap Necklace - white
Long Wrap Necklace - pink
Turquoise Glass Beads - 18”
Long Wrap Necklace - carolina blue
Orange Glass Beads - 18”
Rose Glass Beads - 18”
Blush Glass Beads - 22”
Clear Glass Beads - 22”
Long Wrap Necklace - turquoise
Sold Out
Bone Bead Necklace - peacock
Medallion Necklace
Bone Bead Necklace - white
Short Bone Bead Necklace - gray
Bone Bead Necklace - light brown
Bone Bead Necklace - light gray
Medallion Necklace
Vinyl Necklace
Vinyl Necklace
$ 55.00
Short Bone Bead Necklace - brown
Bone Bead Necklace - orange
49 results
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